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Benefits of Hydraulic Fluid Filtration

Effective hydraulic fluid filtration can protect your system against the damage that results from particulate contamination. Not only will this help you to extend the life of your equipment, but it can also ensure that you don't lose time and productivity as a result of repairs.

A low-pressure filter normally operates at maximum pressures of up to 10 bar but some special type spin-on filters may operate at pressures of up to 35 bar and may also be considered as medium pressure hydraulic filters. A hydraulic filtration system includes at least a return line filter but most filtration systems have a suction filter installed as well. A suction filter is for coarse filtration and protects the pump from damage of large particles only.

High / Low pressure filters, include suction filters, return line filters and bypass filtration systems.

Fine filtration is achieved by using return line hydraulic filters or even higher grades of filtration can be achieved by using a bypass filtration system. With dimensioning of return line hydraulic filters, one should take into account the maximum possible hydraulic system flow. Especially when hydraulic differential cylinders are amongst the actuators, the oil return flow can be much higher compared to the maximum capacity of the hydraulic pumps used in the system.